How To Install A Waterproof Drywall

Like how certain paints and tiles ought to be utilized in various territories of your home, there are different kinds of drywall that work best in explicit areas. Your commonplace drywall, made with a gypsum-based center, works proficiently in your front room, lounge area, and rooms – yet shouldn’t something be said about those zones where water can interacted with the drywall? There is a particular kind of drywall intended for these sorts of zones, and it’s generally alluded to by drywall contractual workers as “green board.”


Green board is water safe – it isn’t water-verification. Green board is profoundly proficient in washrooms and kitchens where dampness is much of the time noticeable all around, however it isn’t the drywall that ought to be set behind tile in your shower or whatever other territories where it can come in direct contact with water. There are a couple of various alternatives for drywall that will interact with water, including concrete board. For your particular circumstance, locate a nearby drywall expert or insulation company in Concord, and they can help with getting the suitable materials.

At the point when you’re fixing drywall or utilizing green board to introduce another divider, you’ll do it comparatively to how you would normal drywall:

Examine and measure the region you might want to add drywall to.

Score your drywall as per the estimations you took. When the drywall is scored, twist the board and utilize an utility blade to make a neat and tidy on the top layer of green paper.

Join the drywall to your encircling by connecting drywall screws or nails where the confining meets the drywall.

Utilize one strong layer of tape (reaching out through and through) to cover the crease between the bits of drywall over the dividers and in the divider corners.

Apply mud to the taped territories and fill in the indents left from your screws with this equivalent material – when this has set and dried, you’re prepared to apply preliminary and paint.